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Vive la France!

What is happening in a country, when you have a weak Socialist-dominated government ruining the country economically being additonally under pressure by right-wing extremists of Front National, who won the last elections to European Parliament, by declairing their main goal is to destroy EU?

The answer ist, that such a country is getting serious problems with unemployment which result in a clash between the cultures. It is then not suprising that the same compatriots and neighbours celebrate a goal shot by Karim Benzema, who has algerian roots, in soccer World Cup, just to continue to hate each other afterwards again.

Under these circumstances it is not surprising, that the French Government is seeking every success they can achieve short-term. So one may not wonder that the French Socialists/Communists under president Francois Hollande finally signed a contract with Russia to sell a warship (based on reports by German media).

Of course such steps undermine every effort to sanction Russia effectively, not to speak of isolating it.

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