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3 years after Utoja – Why Breivik is a reborn Adolf Hitler!

The reason why I’m tweeting about Breivik’s lawyer (please take a look at my twitter-account) and especially why I’m curious about this extremist is that there are a lot of similarites with history. You can say that Breivik is a kind of Hitler 2.0 version out of the following reasons:

1. First of all he is not only full of hatred against a special ethnic group, but he wants to get rid of all Muslims in the west world, at least here in Europe.

2. He wrote about this in his book “A european declaration of Independence”, so like Hitler (“Mein Kampf”) he wrote a Manifesto full of hatred.

3. The fact, that Breivik is sitting in jail leads to the third point: So did Hitler, who was jailed because of his failed coup attempt.

Breivik is a so called Counter-Jihadist, figthing a war against Muslims (Radicals) who fight a holy war (Jihad) against Christianity/Judaism&Infidels and beside of this a anti-democrat figthing against our values like plurality. In the end he also can be described as an “intellectual” protagonist in what Samuel Huntington called Clash of Civilization.

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