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Knowledge about history can be delicate – Was JFK a Nazi?

I’m sure that you won’t believe me, when you hear what I’m telling you now. Knowledge about history can be dangerous. I will give you one example which will help me to convince you that I’m right.

In German newspapers in the middle of this year sections of JFK’s diary were published. In the first moment nothing one should worry about. But there were nevertheless some tricky details which betrayed Kennedys opinion about Adolf Hitler. It’s not that the later president of the USA was a fan of Hitler, but he found him sympathic. The headline of “Die Welt” is a little bit more, let’s say enthusiastic. “Die Welt”, one of Germany’s most important newspapers headlines that JFK thought about Hitler that “he was made out of that material, usually legends are made of”. Please use translation programes or call a friend who speaks German to understand the article if you’re curious now. Or take a look at these two links, here and here.

Now, the point is, thinking about JFK and the super opinion people still have in the states of JFK and the whole Kennedy-Clan you pretty sure understand, that my thesis about the delicateness of historical knowledge can be right. Think about the murderer of JFK, Lee Harvard Oswald, now. Was he a hero because he murdered someone who obviously was fascinated by Adolf Hitler? Where’s the difference between the fascination of millions of Germans and JFK? If JFK would be German back then, would he be Nazi, too? Maybe JFK even would have made a career in the SS? Who knows? – Okay, I agree, that I’m provoking now.

I think it’s time to come to the conclusion, that JFK was a politically naiv person who hasn’t overviewed all the facts of the tyranical leadership of Adolf Hitler and the third Reich. We are all better informed today. Nevertheless it’s a little bit disillusioning, I think. At least I look different at JFK’s historical “Ick bin ein Berliner”-speech back in the Sixties.

But it was another time and I don’t want to moralize too much. The States helped Germany after the disaster of the lost WWII. We know that there was the so called “Luftbrücke”, planes flying to West Berlin for the purpose to deliver the people with stuff they could use, clothes, food etc. Today we know, that without the help of the United States of America Germany would look like a completely different country. I remember the Marshal Plan. Instead of looking for revenge because of all the afford, all the costs and all the victims of the WWII, the States gave Germany another chance. We know that this was probably the best choice that could have been made back then.

On the other hand, I now see the relationship between the USA and the Sowjet Republic in a different light. Sure, the communism is a wrong system, that’s for sure. But, what I want to say is that, considering JFK’s fascination of Adolf Hitler, maybe the former US-administration lacked in empathy towards the Sowjet Union. Perhaps it would be possible to prevent the terrible Cold War, if there would be more respect regarding the fact that it was the Sowjet Union who suffered the most in the war. There are estimates which show that the Sowjet Union had victims up to 30 million people during the WWII. I now understand that Stalin installed a buffer zone between the USSR and Germany after the brutal WWII. But because I’m not a historician I don’t want to speculate about details of the US-USSR-relationship and the question whether the ColdWar could have been prevented. Fact is, and that’s very important to know: The Sowjets used violence in the WWII. They killed also innocent people. They tortured even their own people. And they, and I won’t ever forgive them this fact, installed a communist system in Eastern Europe that lasted almost 50 years giving a shit about the human rigths like free speech and so on.

When we look at Russia today, the Russians still have problems to ensure democracy standards. They have a dramatic history, that’s a fact, but that can’t be used as a justification to abuse their power, for example to dictate energy prices, until the end of time. But that’s the truth, the status quo and that’s why Russia won’t have a good reputation so quickly.

The conclusion of my article is: Knowledge about history is important. It is influencing todays politicians and their advisors. And it can be delicate or even dangerous if you draw the wrong conclusions.

Please note that I’m not able to answer the question whether JFK really found the Nazi-System tolerable, but my article is based on the book “The Kennedys at War”.

Take also a look at this article.

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